Neighbor 2 Neighbor


The Neighbor 2 Neighbor Initiative was born in late 2021 I was approached by 3 local families with a generous offer to stock the local food bank Helpline House with FRESH loaves of bread for 6 months.

Honestly I had no idea how the gift would be received but learnedthe first donation was gone in less than 2 hours. Weekly my heart is filled when deliver fresh loaves of bread to our neighbors and knowing how much thisgift has touched our neighbors is truly a blessing.

Here is a quote from our Helpline House Food Bank Manager 
"Raquel's bread arrives at Helpline House stillwarm from the oven, nourishing not only our client's bodies but also their souls. Our clients love Raquel's bread;
they ask for it when they come in and try to arrange their shopping days to coincide with its delivery.  It never stays long on our shelves. It is rare that we are able to provide our clients with such a high quality product - and they appreciate it tremendously."

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